Ask For Help

To help make 2017 as successful as possible, please consider filling out a quick survey to give us an idea of the kinds of things you’d like to see in care packages going forward.



We’re not currently sending packages, but when we are – the packages will be discreet and your address, email address and phone number will not be used for anything but sending you a care package.

Please note that we’re not able to send binders, packers, breastforms or any other sort of prosthetic at this time. If you’re in need of a binder or breastform, head over to Point of Pride and sign up for their binder or breastform donation program.

Keep an eye right here, and on the blog page, for information about when the 2017 holiday survey will open up and if you have any other questions, comments or concerns, feel free to hit us up on our contact page.