Updates, Changes and Help Wanted

The first thing you’ll likely notice is that we’ve moved the website away from Tyler’s personal blog and into a stand-alone page. It’s still under construction, so if you notice anything particularly wacky, we’d appreciate a heads up. We did move the 2016 content over and linked from his site to here, but let’s get down to what this is really about.

We do currently have a survey open looking for suggestions for 2017. But more important even than that:

We’re looking for help in several areas!

Non Profit Status – We’re currently looking for help from people with experience starting nonprofit organizations. I’ve started the bylaws and constitution, but anyone that’s willing to help draft and finalize these would be welcome – even if you’re not interested or able to stay on the board long term.

Board Positions – We are looking for (at least) 3 other board members: preferably trans-identified, but not required, to fill open board positions if you are interested!

  1. Treasurer – Primary responsibilities would include managing the organizations incoming and outgoing finances and producing annual expected operating budgets.
  2. Fundraising –  In addition to brainstorming ideas to secure private funding, the fundraising head would be responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential corporate sponsors for larger monetary or physical donations.
  3. Promotion & Marketing – Primary responsibilities would include managing social media accounts (Facebook, Word Press) and getting word out about our programs and fundraising efforts.

Logo Design – We need a logo! Help us design a sick logo and we’ll make sure you get a mention and a link to your site/artwork. We’d really prefer to feature a trans or queer artist, but we’re open to all possibilities. If you’re local to us, we’ll totally take you out for a beer, coffee, tea or other legal vice of your choice as a thank you!

If you’re interested in helping with anything, shoot us an email at transfortheholidays@gmail.com or head over and apply for a board position!

Donations are still open – we’d love to go into the holiday season with a little more in the bank. Head over to our Donate page for more on that.


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